World Creation

World Hook: Race Dominance (Devils)

Globe: 10,000 mile diameter, 100% water with a few small island chains scattered around

Culture: Aztec flavor, bronze-age tech

Government: Matriarchy

Environment: Tropical, mountainous

The world of Tema. A massive sphere of water dotted with a few scattered island chains with uncharted wastes of ocean in between. The home region of the PCs is ruled by the three Nantli, a trio of female devils. The Nantli enforce their will through devilish servants and magically-enhanced soldiers, and demand regular tributes and occasional human sacrifices. On a daily basis though, the Nantli are aloof and present in life merely as a looming, distant threat.

The Nantli divide the island chain into three regions of control, one for each of them, and follow a strict hierarchy whenever any dispute arises between them.

Nanzoquitl, the Young. Power hungry, scheming, ambitious. Dominates the humid and storm-wracked islands in the South. Pays outward fealty to Nanmiac and Nanca, but moves against the Lady in many secret ways.

Nanmiac, the Lady. Paranoid, irrational, and vindictive. Plagued by powerful addictions. Rules the resource-rich but mountainous islands in the North and East. Hates and fears Nanzoquitl, sycophantic towards Nanca.

Nanca, the Mother. Extremely aloof and distant. Unquestionably powerful. Rules the hospitable, lush, sandy beaches and coral reefs in the West.

World Creation

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