Tema History

Ancient Ages

0 – The Arrivals. At the beginning of recorded history, humans, dwarves, and gnomes arrived in waves, fleeing a disaster now lost to history. They landed in Tema, a land populated by scattered settlements of wood elves (in the forests), high elves (along the coasts and beaches), halflings (in the arable flatlands), and monstrous humanoids (in the jungles, caves, and mountains). The newcomers struggled to survive in the strange new land.

900 – Legendary Character. A dwarven inventor and engineer, along with a small but bold crew, crossed the border into the Deep Waters in a specially built ship, seeking a return to ancestral homelands. He was never heard from again.

1400 – War, Epic. The various humanoid societies throughout the islands of Tema fight for space, resources, and survival against one another. Warfare is nearly constant, and alliances are temporary and strained.

2200 – The Coming of the Nantli. The Nantli take control of local governments and, after a brief period of conflict, institute a widespread peace throughout Tema. The Nantli establish themselves in the largest cities of the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. Peripheral settlements are allowed to maintain some degree of independence (provided they pay taxes), but the borders of official established control expand by the day. There are five Nantli during this period.

3000 – Magical Discovery. A fusion of radiant energy with arcane magic known as Whitefire is discovered to be a highly effective weapon against the Nantli and their tieflings, and resistance groups and independent settlements begin spreading this knowledge and using it against the Nantli.

Middle Periods

3055 – Kingdom decline and fall. The weakest of the Nantli dominions (who originally controlled the volcanic island in the extreme southwest of Tema known as Chichiahmo) crumbles and falls under an alliance of dwarves and elves wielding Whitefire. The island remains independent for about a hundred years.

3111 – Trade/Prosperity. Open trade and advancing technology strengthens the remaining Nantli dominions, and wealth begins to uplift the most loyal cities.

3209 – Kingdom growth/expansion. The united Nantli invade and recapture Chichiahmo, and it become part of Nancy’s dominion.

3297 – Intrigue/Scandal. A conspiracy involving followers of the two lowest-ranking Nantli (including Nanzoquitl, the lowest-ranking) to unite and overthrow their superior Nanmiac gradually develops, with backstabbing, corruption, and betrayal unfolding over the next two hundred years.

3393 – Plague. The Stone Eyes Plague sweeps through Tema.

3452 – Rebellion. Several cities on Ciome’hi rebel against Nanmiac, armed with knowledge of Whitefire.

3509 – War/Conquest. Nanmiac reconquers the rebelling cities with aid from Nanca and “aid” from the other two Nantli.

3552 – Kingdom decline/fall. The second-lowest ranking Nantli, which had controlled the far eastern island of Ayotahmo, is killed in a surprise coup. Nanzoquitl is rumored to have been behind it, betraying her previous ally.

3629 – Decadence. Nanmiac’s dominion begins to suffer under the increasing paranoia of its leader.

3725 – Discovery, technological. Crossbows are invented and advance rapidly.

3795 – Invasion/Raids. Slaad begin appearing in batches throughout Tema, killing and spreading chaos. Their presence is dreaded and met with great force from the Nantli and their forces, but no one knows where the Slaad are coming from or how to stop them permanently.

Recent Events

3801 – Rebellion. A city in Nanca’s domain rebels, and is quickly crushed.

3806 – Intrigue/Scandal. One of Nanca’s most powerful and trusted agents is revealed to be a member of the Crimson Fog, a secret organization of knights working against the Nantli.

3809 – Invasion. A strange force of humanoid robots (warforged) invades without warning from the south on bizarre ships. They are repelled with some effort, but rumors persist it was just an exploration party, in advance of something bigger.

3811 – Monster incursion. Sahuagin and other aquatic creatures attack Ciome’hi from the northeast.

3812 – Invasion. Nanmiac organizes a large-scale military operation to try and secure the northeast portion of Ciome’hi. Results are inconclusive thus far.

3813 – Scandal. The magic academy in Ozomaui is revealed to be a den of forbidden magic and experiments by the Dark Scroll organization. They are exposed, persecuted, and many are killed, and the organization splinters and fractures. Dwarves seize control of the city cento on a strong anti-magic platform.

3816 – Monster Incursion. A force of ogres and orcs emerges from the Underdark and attacks several of Nanca’s smaller towns and farming villages.

3819 – Rivalry. The struggle between guilds in Cali heats up.

3820 – Foreign war. Lizardmen and hobgoblins clash in the wild interior areas of Nanzoquitl’s lands.

3821 – Present Day

Tema History

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