Tema Government

Each of the three divisions of Tema is under the control of one of the Nantli. Each Nantli has unquestioned power within its own borders, but the three observe their normal hierarchy whenever disputes arise.

On a daily basis, most cities and towns under the control or the Nantli function as if under the control or a distant feudal Lord.

Cities are overseen by local Cento councils, which are usually elected unless they displease the Nantli. Small villages may have just a single Cento, whole big cities could have councils numbering in the dozens.

Centos are connected in a hierarchy directed by the Ayotec, special agents of the Nantli. Ayotec agents are feared and respected throughout Tema, and serve as the most visible sign of the Nantli in daily life for most citizens. The Ayotec have strict rules and an internal structure of their own, and as they progress they are given more of the magical power of the Nantli themselves (and become more devilish in appearance).

Tema Government

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