Tema Atmosphere

Nanzoquitl’s Lands. Wet and stormy, lush and green, treacherous coasts. Made up of the large island of Cihualli (See-who-all-ee) in the south, the island of Ayotahmo to the east, and several smaller scattered islands in between. Steam vents, rivers, waterfalls.

Cities tend to be small and isolated. Outside of a few main roads, travel is dangerous, and wildlife is a hazard.


Nanmiac’s Lands. Mountainous, volcanic, rich in mineral resources. Consists of three islands: Tiotaqchi, the smallest and most central, Ilhuichi, the largest, and Ciome’hi (See-oh-meh-hee) the most remote. Ciome’hi has a coastline that actually extends beyond the border into the Deep Waters, which is unique among the islands of Tema, and the lands near this coast are regarded as haunted and dangerous.

Cities are large, wealthy, and industrious. A strict regional hierarchy dominates local government. Travel near large cities is generally safe, but mountains, caves, deserts, and the outer edge of Ciome’hi remain untamed.


Nanca’s Lands. The largest and most geographically diverse of the three regions of Tema, Nanca’s Lands are generally well-balanced and hospitable, and feature gentle beaches and pleasant rains in most areas. Nanca’s lands feature the most viable farmland in Tema, and without the reliable agriculture of this region starvation would occur very rapidly.


Tema Atmosphere

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