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Home city: Cali.
Three words: Humans, guilds, conflict.
Small frontier outpost.
Economy based on exploring wild lands and bringing back resources, orchards and parks, and trade on the way to and from Ozomaui.
Racial Majority (Human) oppresses minority (Wood Elves and others).
Contested rulership, battle for seats on the Cento between guild factions, open fighting sometimes which Nantli forces are harsh in shutting down.
Verdant parks and orchards inside city and in the mountains nearby.
Known for its powerful guilds.
Sprawling bazaar. Orphanage. Junkyard. Twisting alleys. Barracks. Guilds district. Luxurious bank.

City to the West: Niltzi
Three words: Elves, cult, military.
Small city.
Racial minority are rulers. Wood elves control the Cento, with a leadership based on traditional religious beliefs adapted to fit the Nantli structure.
City is built atop ancient ruins.
Known for its political intrigue.
Nantli military outpost here, with plenty of Ayotec agents.
Tinkerer’s workshop. Clock tower. Catacombs entrance. Gambling hall. Siege workshop. Slaughterhouse. Military district.

City to the South: Ozomaui
Large city, most important and powerful in the region.
A small circle of dwarves, many of them Nantli-Touched, dominate the Cento and keep a tight grip on the city. The dwarves are respected, fair, and just.
Sinister reputation surrounding the magic academy. The dwarves keep it in check (took power after a magical incident).
Known for its godlessness and Nantli-worship.
Current calamity: brink of war with nearby monsters.
Tinkerer’s Workshop. Monument to Nanzoquitl. Magic academy. Military district. Barracks. Hallowed library. Decorated shrine to Nanzoquitl.

Ruined temple to the north.

The ridge to the east.

Home Base

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